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Sailing School instructors:

A mathematician and professional teacher for over twenty years, came to Maine in 1981 from the University of Wisconsin.

A Dutch citizen and a sailor on the IJsselmeer, came to America in 1976 and immediately fell in love with the Maine coast.

Larry and Letty have skippered sailing yachts in the Caribbean, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the North Sea, and the Mediterranean. Their most recent exciting blue water sailing experience was heaving-to under sea anchor in the eye of hurricane Mitch, 200 miles north of Bermuda.

Larry and Letty have sailed the Maine Coast and Caribbean Sea for over twenty five years. They have operated the SCHOOL of OCEAN SAILING since 1982. They look forward to sharing with you their experiences and life at sea.


Our Mission

The instructional mission of the School of Ocean Sailing is to teach offshore ocean sailing and ocean navigation in a live-aboard setting.

  • Personalized instruction from professional teachers
  • Teach sailing aboard a large, beautiful and well equipped offshore heavy displacement ketch
  • Teach navigation using modern electronic navigation equipment
  • Teach navigation using non electronic navigation procedures
  • Offer an ocean sailing experience under real ocean conditions
  • Instil confidence
  • Use high quality sextants and celestial navigation materials
  • Offer a balanced blend of formal instruction, practical experience and relaxation
  • Serve excellent food
  • Anchor or Moor in quiet anchorages