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The accommodations aboard Samana are superb for sail training.

There are two bunks in each cabin. You will share a cabin with another student.

Hot and cold running water are plentiful in each of the two showers. The water capacity aboard Samana is 800 gallons with a 10 gallon hot water tank.

The dining area and the spacious cockpit can easily accommodate 8 persons.


Our Mission

The instructional mission of the School of Ocean Sailing is to teach offshore ocean sailing and ocean navigation in a live-aboard setting.

  • Personalized instruction from professional teachers
  • Teach sailing aboard a large, beautiful and well equipped offshore heavy displacement ketch
  • Teach navigation using modern electronic navigation equipment
  • Teach navigation using non electronic navigation procedures
  • Offer an ocean sailing experience under real ocean conditions
  • Instil confidence
  • Use high quality sextants and celestial navigation materials
  • Offer a balanced blend of formal instruction, practical experience and relaxation
  • Serve excellent food
  • Anchor or Moor in quiet anchorages