sailing school reviewsSailing School Reviews

A few sailing school reviews left by our students.

  • Choosing a sailing school is a personal decision, based on individual strengths and weaknesses, the type of sailor we wish to be, the time and money we have to spend and the manner in which we learn best. I must give high marks to the School of Ocean Sailing and I recommend them to anyone looking for a sailing school !–Cathy McIntire - S/V Kahlua

  • The School of Ocean Sailing proved to be just that, and more. As a novice ocean sailor, not only did I learn the fundamentals of sailing on the open sea, but also had a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.
    Captain Larry and Letty are exceptional people with plenty of patience to answer the many questions put to them by the beginning, as well as the advanced, sailor. Each day there was never a dull moment as we sailed from island to island, learning hands-on, covering the key points of navigation, setting the sails just right our heading.
    Each evening at port began with an incredible dinner aboard Samana, followed by sightseeing or just relaxing on deck gazing at a star-filled sky. From start to finish it was an excellent experience that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in learning more about ocean sailing.–Maureen Colette - Shrewsbury, MA

  • I came expecting to learn a bit about celestial navigation and was amply rewarded. What I didn't expect was what was probably the most rewarding of all - time spent building memories with new friends. I wouldn't trade the time and new friendships for a ransom of gold.–Kurt Harper - Tustin, CA

  • Great course. SAMANA is a beautiful ship. She sails beautifully. Captain Larry & Letty are gracious hosts. The food was gourmet quality. Instruction was very informative and our crewmates were amiable and gregarious. (Otherwise known as a good group) –Sandy Newman - Newtown, PA

  • We couldn't have asked for better hosts!!!!!! While the school was more than we imagined, the most unexpected pleasure was Larry and Letty. We felt like guests in their home rather than tenants in a dorm. We will NEVER forget their warm hospitality. –Brian & Laura Higley - Palm City, FL

  • Great opportunity to get hands on training in sail handling and especially electronic navigational aids. I really enjoyed the navigational aspect of the training especially going thru Outer Green Island passage. Great Job. –Jerry Leclerc - Coeymans Hollow, NY

  • We discovered that on the SAMANA . . . Navigation is necessary! Fogging is fun! Food was fabulous! Mates were marvelous! Sailing souls are seldom solemn!–Carl & Muriel Fredriksson - Merrimack, NH

  • A real learning experience – being in the fog has never been so educational and enjoyable. Larry and Letty are knowledgeable and patient teachers with a real desire for us to leave the "Samana" with a sense of accomplishment. The meals are delicious and innovative, the ship sturdy and comfortable and we would come back again. We were a happy ship.–Ginny & Park Metzger - Orchard Park, NY

  • A wonderful time, and a excellent learning experience. I highly recommend to any experienced or not experienced sailor. Thanks Larry and Letty.–James Telep - Philadelphia, PA

  • A great adventure on the North Atlantic waves, wind and learning the ways of the sea. Thanks for all your help and patience Larry and Letty! –Don Kersting - Tampa, Florida

  • How much do you want to learn about real weather sailing, the sunny, windy, foggy and wet? The challenge is up to you. Larry and Letty share all the knowledge and skills you will need to make it happen, plus excellent food. –Penny Geisler - Roanoke, VA

  • All I expected. A well run ship and program. –Rex McLaughlin - Wrightwood, CA

  • Great class. Great crew. Outstanding teacher. They really know what they are doing. –Pete Geisler - Roanoke, VA

  • I'm at peace with Casco Bay at last! Knowledge always overtakes your fears. I've learned so much about navigating and sailing this past week. I now have the confidence to continue exploring the Maine coast by sail, power, or paddle. –Rob Lemire - Newmarket, NH

  • A great learning experience. Your emphasis on safety and proper planning reflects your dedication to training students to be contentious sailors. My experiences in the last week have given me the skills and confidence to sail the open seas. The food was not bad either. –Bart Elias - Dayton, OH

  • Had a terrific learning experience! wish I could go on to Nova Scotia & continue my experiences with you folks. I commend you both on a very relaxed journey, even in the fog, I felt like a was in good hands. I make sure to pass on the news of my advent. –Carlos Rosa - Hoboken, NJ

  • First about the trip, excellent instruction, outstanding meals, tremendous camaraderie, outstanding hospitality, – just a heck of a wonderful trip. –Harvey Backmender - Amston, CT

  • Imagine Joshua Slocum as a patient tutor and Martha Stewart providing delicious meals on deck, and you have the beginnings of an appreciation of shipping out on the SAMANA. –Jerry Reed - Cape Elizabeth, ME

  • Thanks for the great time! Hope to join you next year for sail to Nova Scotia! –Pam & Ed Willams - Clinton, NY

  • Wonderful cruise! You are both very warm and gracious hosts - I felt right at home from the first day. I think I learned more from this week than all my previous sailing experience. I still wonder what would have happened if we had to anchor in a hurry. –Chuck Crumrine - Portland, ME

  • Thanks again for a wonderful time and a great cruise. Lori and I were going over everything we had learned on the flight home and it really was a much longer list than either of us had anticipated when signed up. Add to that the beauty and natural abundance of the Maine coastline and it was a very memorable trip.
    One of the greater aspects of the trip had to do with the flexibility of the learning experience for both of us. I had a lot more experience going into the course than Lori did. It was probably apparent; over the years I have had quite a lot of sail-driven sea time. Lori, on the other hand, did not. We both learned a tremendous amount over the course of the trip, however.
    She picked up all the basics that I had never had the time to show her and I got to back fill my deficiencies and expand into whole new areas. With that in mind, I have to give your method of “hands on”, learn as you go sailing instruction very high marks. I feel it is the very best way to pass on essential and detailed knowledge while building confidence in the student. Thanks again.–Tim Stull

  • We came aboard the sailing ship,

    Samana at the quay,

    Four sets of two, counting captain and crew,

    When we got under way.

    A breeze was up, the waves did play,

    We cast off to the unknown,

    And had we known what was in store,

    We might have stayed at home.

    Soon lightning flashed and clouds rolled black,

    We heard the sound of thunder.

    The wind blew rain across the deck,

    And the lee rail went under.

    We were soaked and we were cold,

    The boat was rolled and tossed.

    I hung on as best I could,

    Until my lunch was lost.

    We survived the storm that day,

    And made it safe to shore,

    A quiet cove on the Maine coast,

    We rested from our labor.

    For four more days we sailed the coast,

    In winds from calm to quiet a lot.

    And through it all we ne'er got lost,

    Or ever snagged a lobster pot.

    From storm to calm we saw it all,

    The sea in many shades of glory.

    We left that ship one group of eight,

    Each taking with him his own story.

    I want to go to sea again,

    To hear the sound of wave and wind.

    The siren's song says "come along"

    And I know that I'll give in.

    Sailing School Review left by one of our students